A gated residential community in Paraguay spanning 16 million sqm, featuring 5,000 homes, a professional golf course, a lagoon with a sandy beach, and an airstrip for private aircraft.

ASUNCION, PARAGUAY, March 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — German entrepreneur Carsten Pfau has been a fixture in the Paraguayan economy for 25 years. Together with his brother Michael, he runs a group of companies that is now one of the largest agricultural investors in the South American country. The company’s business activities also include a mineral water company and supermarkets.

However, sensational news is currently coming from the group’s real estate division. Pfau recently unveiled Aldera Resort, one of the largest real estate projects in South America. Located at the gates of the posh suburb of San Bernardino, about 35 km from the capital Asuncion, a gated residential community is being built on more than 16 million square meters of land.

Around 5,000 homes are to be built in the resort, surrounded by extensive parks, a professional golf course and a lagoon with a sandy beach. Even an airstrip for private aircraft is planned.

The idyllic Lake Ypacarai, one of Paraguay’s most important sights, is only about 5 km from Aldera Resort, and the small town of San Bernardino is only 8 km away. The tranquil town at the foot of the lake has developed into Asuncion’s posh suburb in recent decades. According to a study, two out of three wealthy Paraguayans own a weekend home in the town, and especially in the summer months SanBer, as it is affectionately known in Paraguay, is considered the place to be.

“The real estate boom is still going strong in Paraguay, with no end in sight for the time being,” explains Carsten Pfau about the ambitious plans. “Paraguayan families in particular, but increasingly also immigrants from all over the world, are looking above all for security when it comes to their homes. A so-called gated community is per se very safe, after all, only residents and their guests have access to the premises. But also the fact that the resort is virtually a single traffic-calmed zone convinces many interested parties, especially of course families with children. Moreover, in our resort you will find several parks, plus a sports complex with over 130 sports and recreational facilities. There will even be a day care center and an elementary school,” Pfau adds.

In addition, the entrepreneur emphasizes, families are increasingly looking for a house in the countryside; people like to move to the countryside. At the same time, however, people want to be in the big city of Asuncion quickly, since that’s where most people have their jobs, but there are also a variety of shopping opportunities, restaurants, cinemas or even doctors’ offices in the capital. “Today, people want to live in the countryside, in harmony with nature, but if necessary, the big city must be within ten minutes. We have solved this task with the Aldera Resort,” Pfau emphasizes.
The difficult, tough approval process for the large-scale project aged him by ten years in just a few months, says the entrepreneur, but it was worth it. “With Aldera, we are creating our own new suburb, a completely new place, you don’t often get a chance like this in life.”

Carsten Pfau expects to be able to generate more than one billion US dollars in revenue with the Aldera Resort.

Carsten Pfau is an entrepreneur and investor. Born in Swabia, he grew up in Bielefeld. He studied business administration at the University of Mannheim, majoring in banking and finance. In his second degree, he took law and mathematics. He speaks five languages fluently. Since 1996, Paraguay has been his main residence; he also lives in Austria and Hong Kong.

With his companies, Carsten Pfau ranks among the top 1% of all entrepreneurs in Paraguay. He is the third largest grower of oranges and other citrus fruits and a leading operator of greenhouse complexes for fruit and vegetable production. Other components of his portfolio include large-scale real estate (EcoVita Country Club in Nueva Italia, Terra Town and Terra Tower in Asunción), organic supermarkets, a fresh juice producer, a mineral water source, and one of the largest fruit and vegetable wholesalers in the country.

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