Dr. Michael Everest has been recognized by the Marquis Who’s Who. His accomplishments have helped to improve the medical world.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Michael Everest, who has the honor and distinction of being the Chairman and Founder of the Everest Foundation, was acknowledged by Marquis Top Executives Who’s Who for his remarkable achievements and for his admirable leadership in the world of graduate medical education.

Since 1898, the standard for reliable, comprehensible data in the biographical field has been set by Marquis Who’s Who. They have a stellar reputation that commands respect when it comes to acknowledging valuable contributors in many fields. An invaluable research tool for leaders and success stories worldwide in science, medicine, the arts, business, entertainment, and government, this database allows unrivaled, easy, and accurate biographical research.

Dr. Michael Everest founded the Everest Foundation, where he works with the board chair and with his esteemed wife, Agata Everest. This reputable non-profit Los Angeles organization provides training, research opportunities, and wellness initiatives to medical students.

Fewer than 30% of medical school graduates have adequate research experience. The Everest Foundation works to balance that discrepancy out while also providing students with wellness initiatives to help avoid burnout, mental health challenges, and even addiction.

After Dr. Everest earned his undergraduate degree, he enrolled at Liberty University in Virginia. Here, he obtained his Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy. A consultant for shortages of physicians in hospitals like Sussex, Kent, and Pembury, he additionally was credited with an honorary medical doctorate.

Some notable associations and affiliations for Dr. Michael Everest are his membership in the American Medical Association and International Students Initiative and achievements such as the Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award, Most Supportive Business Award, and being an Inductee to the Top Professionals of the Year at Marquis Who’s Who, all of which were gained in the year 2021.

Highly respected in his field and dedicated to helping other people gain and enjoy better health, Dr. Michael Everest, with the help of his wife Agata Everest, is a man making a difference in a world where it is needed perhaps more than it ever has been before.

His personal goal, and that of his company, is to advance the medical world with funding in needed areas and create new residency programs to benefit the upcoming medical students, and ensure that they have all the tools they need to be successful contributors to the medical world, too.

Through the Everest Foundation’s programs, many medical school graduates can receive the hands-on experience needed to elevate them academically in the medical field. The doctors of tomorrow need support today, and thanks to Dr. Michael Everest and The Everest Foundation, they are seeing great success. Thanks to Marquis Who’s Who, more people will know about the work being done by this man and his foundation.

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