Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in South America’s Largest Consumer Market

MIAMI BEACH, FL, July 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Baller Mixed Reality, a subsidiary of Strong Interactive and a leader in cutting-edge Web 3 solutions, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with SFT (Standout Fighting Tournament), Brazil’s premier mixed martial arts league. SFT boasts popularity across Latin America and significant viewership in India, Russia, and more. This collaboration aims to maximize fan engagement by integrating mixed reality content, tokenized collectibles, and super fan experiences into SFT matches and live events.

1) Enhancing the Fan Experience with Mixed Reality: Through this partnership, Baller Mixed Reality will leverage its expertise in augmented reality to create immersive, in-arena and at-home mixed reality content for SFT fans. By incorporating sponsor brands into these experiences, Baller Mixed Reality aims to create deeper, more engaging connections between fans, their favorite athletes, and participating consumer brands.

2) Introducing Tokenized Collectibles: A significant aspect of this collaboration is the introduction of Mixed Reality Tokens (XRTs). These limited-edition digital collectibles will offer SFT fans unique opportunities to unlock exclusive real-world experiences, enhancing their engagement and fostering long-term loyalty. The authenticity and ownership of each collectible will be verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring a fraud-free environment for collectors.

3) AI-Enhanced Match Data: Additionally, Baller Mixed Reality will implement AI-powered data collection tools to enhance the fan viewing experience and provide new opportunities for international sports betting, which has become legal in Brazil under recently adopted legislation.

“We are excited to partner with SFT, a rapidly rising leader on the global sports landscape,” said Jonathan Herman, CEO of Strong Interactive. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of fan engagement through innovative Web 3 solutions. Together, we will transform how fans interact with their favorite sports and athletes.”

SFT’s President, David Hudson, added, “Partnering with Baller Mixed Reality allows us to bring unique and innovative experiences to our fans and MMA enthusiasts. The integration of advanced technologies such as mixed reality, tokenized collectibles and artificial intelligence aligns perfectly with our vision of offering the most engaging matches and fight cards with the most experienced fighters in Brazil.”

This partnership with marks a significant step forward in delivering immersive, engaging content that bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements as Baller Mixed Reality and SFT roll out these innovative fan engagement solutions.

About Baller Mixed Reality:
Baller Mixed Reality specializes in creating unique XR collectibles that are tokenized as blockchain assets, particularly in the sports memorabilia sector. As a pioneer in the field, Baller Mixed Reality is recognized globally for its innovative approach to digital assets, holding top rankings in Web 3, collectibles, and mixed reality. Among Strong Interactive’s portfolio of branded technology solutions, Baller Mixed Reality is dedicated to delivering solutions that redefine industry standards and drive digital transformation.

About SFT:
Standout Fighting Tournament (SFT) is the premier Mixed Martial Arts league in Brazil, dedicated to delivering top-notch sports entertainment with elite fighters and thrilling live events that captivate audiences globally. SFT blends traditional MMA with innovative formats, setting new benchmarks in the combat sports industry. Nationally broadcast in Brazil every Saturday night on Band TV, SFT has recently launched its 24/7 SFT Combat Fast Chanel now live on Samsung tvPlus across the country, and coming soon to more platforms. SFT’s viewership extends to India, Russia, Mexico, the United States, and Canada through online streaming. Plans are underway to expand SFT’s presence to other parts of the world.

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