Georgia Business Owners Working to Increase Access to Acupuncture for Millions of Seniors in the US

ATLANTA, GA, January 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Leadership at the American Alliance of Acupuncture (AAOA) and the Atlanta Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CBAA) announced they are joining forces to help move federal acupuncture legislation. Both organizations have joined the efforts of AcuCongress in shepherding HR 4803: Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act 2021 as introduced by Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA-27.)

The AAOA recently took part in the first virtual fly-in held by the acupuncture industry since the pandemic began. The AcuCongress event, held in December before members of Congress and their staff headed into the long break before the second half of this Congressional session, added three co-sponsors on the day of the event and has since added more with follow-up meetings with Representatives. They will all take part in AcuCongress’ February Follow-Up with a concerted goal of attaining at least one hundred (100) co-sponsors in the session.

AAOA President, Michelle Lau, states, “We have a very strong group working in Georgia who care about the ability of senior citizens to access acupuncture. We will continue to work together to produce the results Representative Chu is asking for from the profession. We thank President Jian Ni and all members of the Atlanta Chinese Chamber of Commerce for making this a priority.”

AcuCongress founder, Kallie Guimond notes, “AAOA is consistently thinking outside the box when collaborating with organizations in their grassroots efforts. AcuCongress has made it clear that we want to work with everyone: practitioners, students, suppliers, patients, whether individual or business organizations who support the endeavors of licensed acupuncturists who are trying to expand their services in federal environments. This partnership shows that interest in this is not limited to only practitioners in this field. This effort is for patients. This effort is for all who want to help get this done!”

AAOA, CBAA and AcuCongress invite all members to take part in the upcoming events designed to garner support for HR 4803 and thank Representative Judy Chu for all of her continued support each Congressional session.

About AAOA: The American Alliance of Acupuncture is a nationwide acupuncture alliance that includes state leaders and associations working together to pass federal legislation.

About CAOMA: The Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Associations was established in 1987 and works tirelessly for the acupuncture profession in California. It has been involved in moving hundreds of legislative actions and is working to establish a unified professional educational standard for the United States.

About CBAA: The mission and objectives of the Atlanta Chinese Chamber of Commerce is to promote the common interests of Chinese Americans and others starting and doing business in the U.S; to increase and enhance business opportunities and networking among Members of the Association through business meetings, seminars, and information exchange; to help strengthen relationships between the U.S. and China and other areas through economic, technology and cultural exchanges; to promote Chinese culture in the metro Atlanta area; and to provide an environment for the Members of the Association to network, socialize, collaborate, cooperate and build friendships with and among each other. For more information, please visit us at

About AcuCongress: AcuCongress is a coalition designed to train advocates in the profession to unite and shepherd grassroots campaigns that have a sustainable influence on the profession. We are currently engaged in the effort to include L.Acs in the Social Security Act to be able to bill Medicare directly and without physician (as defined in the SSA,) nurse practitioner, or physician assistant supervision as listed in the 2020 CMS guidelines for covering acupuncture for chronic lower back pain. AcuCongress training is FREE to anyone wanting to advocate for the Acupuncture Industry. If interested, please join us where we work in Basecamp!

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