Sensory Friendly 101 training advances accessibility and DEI initiatives by equipping businesses and organizations with the knowledge to support their teams and customers with disabilities, sensory sensitivities, or who experience sensory overload.

SAINT JOHN, NB, June 25, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Understanding and catering to sensory sensitivities and sensory overload is a crucial step towards creating a truly inclusive environment.

Sensory Friendly Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our Sensory Friendly 101 course, as part of our Training Membership program; it is designed to empower people businesses and organizations to welcome and support a wider range of customers and employees at their locations and events.

Did you know there are actually eight senses, not just the five most commonly recognized (sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing)? Sensory Friendly 101 delves into all eight senses, including vestibular (balance), proprioception (movement), and interoception (internal body signals). Participants will learn to identify common sensory triggers in everyday settings and explore practical strategies for creating a more accommodating environment.

“Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple,” says Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger, “This course equips people with the knowledge they need to foster a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.”

Many underlying disabilities (we’ve counted at least 25, including autism, hearing loss, PTSD and traumatic brain injury) make someone more likely to experience sensory sensitivities or the potential for sensory overload.

Sensory Friendly 101 is ideal for a variety of professionals, including educators, retail staff, event planners, and human resource personnel. The course is offered online, on-demand as part of our low cost training membership.

About Sensory Friendly Solutions
Sensory Friendly Solutions, a woman-owned, disability-owned, B Corp Certified social enterprise, empowers businesses and organizations to create sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive events, locations and experiences for their teams and customers with product recognition, training, consulting and certification. We foster accessibility, inclusion and participation for individuals with sensory differences or disabilities, creating a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Christel Seeberger, Founder and CEO,

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