A Fresh Look at Fraud: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives has come out on May 10

CLAREMONT, CA, May 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A Fresh Look at Fraud: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives, edited by Dr. Stacey Wood and Yaniv Hanoch is scheduled to come out on May 10. In this timely volume, they bring together psychologists, criminologists, and computer scientists to discuss state-of-the-art research on the rising problem of fraud, scams, and financial abuse by adopting diverse methodologies.

The book addresses topics such as mass marketing fraud, financial exploitation, aging, cyber fraud, risk factors associated with becoming a fraud victim, and online/cryptocurrency fraud. It also includes scams in the time of COVID-19, digital era scams, and elder financial exploitation. It offers a holistic picture of emerging trends and issues in fraud research and also includes a discussion of the ‘Next Frontiers’ in research and important insights on how to create solutions.

Announcing the new book A Fresh Look at Fraud, Dr. Stacey Wood said, “Consistent evidence shows that the emotional costs of fraud are more distressing than economic costs in survey research of fraud victims. I found in my research that victims of fraud are similar to other crime victims. They are left with increased stress, anger, self-blame, and damaged relationships. They also have a loos of confidence and an increased risk of suicide. This is so much more than just a loss of money or change in financial behavior.”

Stacey Wood is a Molly Mason Jones Professor of Psychology at Scripps College, USA, while Yaniv Hanoch is an Associate Professor of Risk Management, at Southampton University Business School, Southampton University, UK.

The book A Fresh Look at Fraud will be a crucial read for practitioners and researchers engaged in fraud research and other fields such as Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminal Behavior, and Criminology, as well as for postgraduate training in these fields.

Dr. Stacey Wood is a nationally recognized forensic neuropsychology expert witness located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California. She is a leading expert on Decisional capacity, Testamentary capacity, Elder abuse, Trial competency, Probate conservatorship, and Undue influence.

If you are interested in having Dr. Wood assist your legal team as an expert witness or provide expert consulting, reach out to her office. It is located in Steele Hall, on the campus of Scripps College, Suite 2 241 E 11th Street, Claremont, CA. You can also contact Dr. Wood via phone at (909) 706-2764 or email at [email protected]. For additional information visit drstaceywood.com.

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