Delhi police are working hard for women’s safety. Delhi Police launch HIMMAT app for women having various features. It was launched by Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 1 January 2015. The app was launched for women’s safety at the start of the year is soon going to give the new update. It will soon have an option to track a person’s location. Uttar Pradesh Police is scheduling a similar app called Nirbhaya (Mobile App) which is at present launched for Noida by Noida Police.

Women using this Himmat app on their cell phone will have the option to select time slots and trace mobile number current location online for that selected time period will be activated. This new feature is at present in a trial mode but will be made available to the users soon.

There will be three time periods available. Out of three, we have to choose one and for that particular time period, GPS tracking will be activated for that selected period only. This new feature will also allow users to extend the time period of tracking, just in case if they couldn’t reach their destination within the mentioned time period. If they fail to extend the time period it will not start automatically and then the GPS tracking will stop on its own.

Police told that this app was developed to locate women and help them in an emergency or in a situation of urgency or distress. As we know that this app is still on the trail, it will be made available soon only after its successful trial. It aims to provide a sense of security to the women who are working at odd hours or at late nights in the city.

The app was launched at the starting of the year and later its WhatsApp number also came into existence. The app aimed to send SOS alerts and its WhatsApp number is generally being used by women, who take late night autos. The women keep sending the auto numbers, registration number, and destination with the picture of the auto driver on the WhatsApp group as a safety measure.